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Buy Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food 

Our cold-pressed dog food is crafted by an expert dog food nutritionist. This expert dog food nutritionist works closely with our team of food scientists to develop recipes that are complete and balanced, without being heavily processed or laden with artificial ingredients.

This allows our cold-pressed dog food to be truly hypoallergenic and safe for dogs who have food sensitivities or allergies. It’s also formulated to mimic the nutrition stats of a dog’s natural diet, without being high in carbs.

What Our Cold-Pressed Dog Food Consists Of

Crafted from real meat and fresh, natural ingredients, our no-grain cold-pressed dog food is designed to mimic the nutrition stats of a dog’s natural diet, without the high levels of carbs, byproducts, and fillers that are commonly found in dog food today. 

It’s complete and balanced, with the right ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to help support your dog’s health and dietary needs. 

It’s also designed to help reduce the amount of waste that’s generated by healthy dogs, without compromising their health. This helps keep your dog’s digestive health in check, which can help reduce the risk of allergies and other digestive issues.

Expert Dog Food Nutritionists Available 

Our dog food nutritionists work with leading dog nutritionists and veterinarians to develop high-quality diets that meet the unique nutritional needs of your dog or breed.

We’ll work with you to craft a diet that meets your dog’s current lifestyle and health goals, and will provide them with the best nutrition they can enjoy while still being a healthy weight.

Our dog food nutritionists will also help you manage your dog’s diet and nutrition to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

They’re committed to helping you pick the best food for your dog based on their individual needs. They’ll take the time to carefully explain the benefits of each option, so you can make an informed decision. 

Feed Your Dogs Only Balanced Meals 

A balanced diet is the key to a long, healthy life for your dog. That doesn't mean you have to give him the same old, boring food day in and day out. Make mealtime fun by trying new things, and your dog will love you for it! 

One of our most popular canned dog foods is our Cold Pressed Can Dog Food. It's the perfect choice for dogs who need extra energy and protein, and it's also a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

This unique dog food is processed using the most environmentally friendly methods, which results in a product that is lower in fat and sodium while still providing the nutrition your dog needs to be healthy and happy. We also offer a line of Human Grade Can Dog Food that's great for dogs who don't like the taste of canned dog food.

EcoPet Ireland Has All Kinds Of Healthy Dog Meals

Many dog owners are now turning to the goodness of cold-pressed dog food. Both humans and dogs need a balanced diet to stay healthy. Dogs are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. 

That is why our best dog foods contain a variety of plant-based proteins and animal-based fats, which provide a complete source of nutrition!

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