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The Most High-Quality Dehydrated Dog Treats You Can Find

Dehydrated dog treats are a great way to make sure your dog gets the nutrition he needs without the extra calories. They’re easy to store and take with you, so you can give your dog the nutrition he needs even when you’re on the go. 


And they’re an excellent source of protein, so they help keep your dog strong and healthy. To provide you with such dog treats we at EcoPet have a large selection of air-dried treats to choose from.

Purchase A Wide Range Of Dog Treats

We know how important it is to provide the best nutrition and care for your dog, which is why we offer a variety of dehydrated dog treats. From high-quality proteins to tasty vegetables and fruits, our treats will keep your dog happy and healthy. We offer treats in different sizes and shapes to meet the unique dietary needs of your dog


EcoPet Ireland has a large assortment of dehydrated dog treats, including beef bits, chicken feet, shiitake mushrooms, dried duck wings, venison legs, tendons, lung cubes, rabbit skin and ears, calf bladder sticks, turkey necks, camel chews, and more!

We Also Have Packaged Dog Foods

We have packaged dog foods from different brands so that you can choose the kind of food your pup prefers to eat. Choose between grain-free or Wholegrain veterinary approved dog food options to find the right fit for your furry companion.


Each option is designed to provide the nutrition they need while maintaining a healthy diet. 


We stock a wide variety of dog food from different brands. Each bag is labeled with the brand and nutritional content, making it easy for you to find the right food for your dog. Some common brands we stock include Bellfor's, Glenvalley, and The Rustic Dog Food Company.

You Can Get The Treats In Bulk Amounts 

If you would like to purchase our dehydrated dog treats in a bulk amount, we have got you covered there too! At EcoPet Ireland, we provide both retail and wholesale orders. Check our price list and catalogue to see which ones you would like to order. Fill out the order form and purchase the dog treats for your buddy right now! 

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