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Get The Best Deals On Dog Food In Wicklow 

Your best friend deserves the best dog food. That’s why we offer a wide variety of high-quality dog food and treats, made with the best ingredients. Designed to meet the needs of all dogs, no matter their age or breed, our dog foods are by far the best in the market. 


Here at EcoPet, we offer the best dog food in Wicklow. Our natural dog treats are a great way to reward your pup while also providing them with the healthy nutrition they need. 

The Most Affordable Dog Food In Ireland 

Whether you’re looking for the most affordable dog food in Ireland or the highest quality, we’ve got you covered. We’re one of the largest pet food retailers in Ireland. We have a full range of dry and wet dog foods, so whatever your dog’s needs, we’ve got a solution.


Choose from different brands like Glenvalley, The Rustic Dog Food Company, and Bellfor’s. They have a wide range of dog foods that also happen to be gluten-free, so that’s a bonus!

Our Dog Foods Are Gluten And Grain Free

As we were saying, the dog foods that we have are all gluten-free and even grain and potato-free. Many dogs seem to have allergies and intolerance to such grains and starches, so we make sure to provide only the kind of foods that do not contain them. 

Your Dogs Are Going To Love Them 

We know your dogs are passionate about their food, and we want to make sure we provide the best food for them. That’s why we’re offering three unique dry dog foods, each crafted with your dog’s unique dietary needs in mind.


The great thing is that our dog foods are just as good for them as they are for people. That’s why we’re so confident in offering a variety of dog food options for your best friend.

We Offer Retail As Well As Wholesale Purchase

We offer both retail and wholesale purchases. If you're looking for a specific kind of dog food, or just browsing for ideas, we can help. We also offer a wide variety of products in bulk, so you can purchase the amount you need without having to pay a higher per-unit price.

Check Out Our Other Treats And Supplements

We actually also have a wide variety of dog treats such as calf blagger sticks, turkey necks, camel chews, shiitake mushrooms, dried duck wings, rabbit skin and ears, venison legs, tendons, lung cubes, and so on! Dogs really like this type of snack, so aside from their usual meals, you can purchase something like this for them too. 

Order Dog Food Right Now!

So, if you want to order dog food in Wicklow, contact us today! We provide home delivery all over Wicklow and other counties in Ireland. Be sure to check our catalogue and price list before placing your order. And we hope you get your dogs the best treats because they deserve it!

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