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The Best Store For Dog Nutrition Products In Ireland 

We all know how important our dogs are. They can bring us so much joy, and comfort in times of need. But we often take their nutrition for granted. We give them a small bowl of food and expect them to eat everything, without complaint. But if you care about dog nutrition and want to provide the best for your best friend, we at EcoPet, have your back!

Your Dog’s Nutrition Comes First

You can feed your dog a healthy diet of raw food, but if they don't have the nutrients they need, they'll end up just the same as any other dog with food allergies or sensitivities. That's why it's so important to make sure you're sourcing good food for your dogs.

We Sell Gluten-Free And Grain-Free Dog Foods

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to dog foods – especially those that are gluten-free or grain-free. Some people assume that dogs can’t have these foods and others think that they’re only for dogs with certain health issues. 


But the fact is that all dogs can enjoy gluten-free and grain-free foods, especially those that are grain-free. They’re a great option for dogs with allergies, too. We happen to sell such kinds of dog foods. Such foods contain all the necessary nutrients for them while also making sure their allergies are not triggered. 

Choose From A Myriad Of Brands

We carry a variety of brands of dog food at the store so you can find something that fits your budget and your dog’s needs. Some of our brands include Bellfor's, The Rustic Dog Food Company, Glenvalley, and wellness items like treats and chews. 


Aside from that, we also carry fresh meats and seafood, so if your dog isn’t a fan of dog food, we have options outside of the dry food aisle. We’re here to help you take care of your best friend, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or if you need help finding the right food for your dog.

We Also Have Dog Treats And Supplements 

Dog treats have come a long way from the days of boring dog biscuits. We at EcoPet offer a wide variety of delicious treats, such as calf blagger sticks, turkey necks, camel chews, shiitake mushrooms, dried duck wings, rabbit skin and ears, venison legs, tendons, and lung cubes. 


These tasty treats provide a variety of health benefits, such as improving oral hygiene, reducing tartar and plaque buildup, and strengthening tooth enamel. They also help keep our dogs' teeth and gums healthy and strong.

Purchase Retail Or Wholesale 

You can order one or two packs in retail, or simply order a bulk amount for stocking up. We offer both purchases. Check out our pricelist and place your order accordingly. 

Check Out Our Catalogue And Order Now!

Go ahead and visit our site to check out our catalogue of different products and place your order today! Provide your dog the nutrition and care that it deserves. 

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