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We Offer Professional And Safe Dog Training In Wicklow 

It is important to find professional dog training in Wicklow, that offers a specialized field for pets with a focus on the behavioral needs of dogs. 


From basic obedience and manners, to advanced training for sports and competition, our professional dog trainers help owners build the bond they want with their four-legged friend without the frustration of common training problems. 


At EcoPet, we offer a variety of dog training services to meet your needs and preferences. Our professional dog trainers will work with you to build a training program that is effective, enjoyable, and designed to meet your goals.

Our Dog Training Methods Are Safe

Our professional dog trainers specialize in the science of behavior modification, and know how to read their dog's body language, and respond appropriately to training.

They use positive reinforcement based training methods, which are most effective when they can understand the context of their dog's behavior, and tailor their training to suit.

Our dog trainers also know the difference between over-attachment, and under-attachment, between good and bad owner-dog relationships, and know how to turn a bad relationship around so that their dog will want to come to them, and not the other way around.

Our Trainers Are Friendly and Calm With Dogs 

We've all seen the frightening videos of dogs being trained using the "shock collar", but that is something no Irish pet owner will have to endure when EcoPet Ireland is in the picture!


We specialize in dog training and behavior modification in Ireland. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective, least invasive training methods for your dog so that he learns to listen to you and respect you, not just as the leader of the pack, but as the leader of your household too.

Our training methods are based on decades of research and are proven to be both safe and effective. Our training philosophy is very straightforward: treat the dog, not the behavior.

We Use Positive Reinforcement Methods

We use everything from static corrections to bribery, as well as many other safe, effective dog training methods to train your pets. Our professional dog trainers will use a variety of training methods, depending on the dog and the situation.

The trainers also use positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, to train dogs. We can use these methods with any dog, regardless of age, size, or temperament. 

Positive reinforcement training is also a great way to train dogs that may be aggressive. This reinforcement training teaches dogs that unwanted behaviors, like barking, are not acceptable and will earn them things, like attention.

Your Dogs Will Be In Good Hands

We work with a network of professionals who have experience in dog training in Wicklow. They are also committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Our trainers are all certified, which ensures they have the skills and knowledge to provide top-notch service.

Our trainers are also experienced and have worked with dogs of all ages and temperaments. This ensures that your dog gets the most individualized care and attention.

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