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Feed Your Pups Natural Dog Treats For Better Nutrition!

Most people think of dog treats as being sweet, but there is a growing segment of the dog treat market that offers nutritious and natural dog treats. Make sure to keep your dog’s dietary needs in mind when you're making your selection.

Most dogs can eat both sweet and savory treats, so use all-natural dog treats as a way to add more nutrients and flavor to your dog’s meals. 

Try adding a few natural dog treats to your dog’s meal each day to help increase his or her daily nutritional intake. And this is where EcoPet can help you!

Why Our Natural Dog Treats Are Healthier Alternatives 

Our dog treats are all-natural, made with wholesome ingredients, and formulated to be healthy for your dog. We don't use any by-products, wheat, corn, artificial colors or flavors, or any other fillers or additives. Our treats are made with organic ingredients whenever possible.

Each recipe is developed with the specific needs of large and small dogs in mind, and we use only human-grade ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Our treats are designed to be enjoyed by both you and your dog, so we've included tips for serving them to your dog for maximum enjoyment.

All-Natural Treats Over Processed Goodies

We all know our dogs are truly part of the family. That’s why we create canine-exclusive foods that provide the highest quality nutrition for the unique dietary needs of dogs.

Our dog treats are all-natural, formulated by veterinarians, and crafted with the same care and ingredients as our human foods. They’re made with real, wholesome ingredients, and are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

On top of that, our biologically appropriate pet foods are made with ingredients that are natural to the animal, meaning they’re better for your dog’s health and the environment. 

That also means you can give your dog the best treat available without worrying about the ingredients.

Why Processed Treats Can Be Fatally Harmful 

Many commercial dog treats contain chemical preservatives and additives that aren't good for your dog. 

Natural dog treats are much healthier for your dog because they don't have any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They also don't have any added chemicals or pesticides, which can be good for your dog's health.

What Are Natural Dog Treats Usually Made Of?

Natural dog treats are the best choice when it comes to the ingredients that go into them. In most cases, natural dog treats are made from wholesome ingredients that can be easily digested by your dog.

Many dog treats are also enriched with additional vitamins and minerals, which is great for your dog’s health. The main ingredients in natural dog treats are meat (such as chicken, turkey, lamb, and more), and other wholesome ingredients.

We Offer The Best Quality Products

We are committed to giving our customers an outstanding experience in product quality, and price. Our natural dog treats are made by hand using only the highest quality ingredients. 

No additives, no added fat or calories, and no artificial colors or preservatives are included in the process!

Our treats are made with only the best raw ingredients and the finest herbs, vitamins and enzymes. All ingredients are inspected by a lab so that we know they are safe for our furry friends. 

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