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Crunchy beef tails offer a great all natural chew for dogs. It is also calcium rich adding essential minearls to your dogs supplementary diet. These chews are also a great protein source while also being a delicious and enjoyable chew for dogs.


Chewing is a stress reliever and great way to keep your dog preoccupied when you have guests for example. The act of chewing also helps to maintain dental health, providing care for both teeth and gums.


The calcium-rich cattle tails are therefore a healthy, crunchy snack for in between meals that will keep your dog happy and healthy at the same time.


  • 100% beef (monoprotein)
  • Without artificial additives, preservatives or flavor enhancers
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Gently dried
  • Rich in protein and calcium
  • Easy to portion
  • Natural cleaning of teeth and gums


What we love at Ecopet is sustainability and smart thinking. Natural chews come as by-products of the meat industry. This means that we are making the most of each animal by using every part of it. There are many parts of the body that us as humans dont have much use for, but dogs on the other hand, look at things like feet, ears, trachea etc as delicious nutritious chews.  If we are going to have agriculture lets be smart and efficient about it. Lets use EVERYTHING.

Our Cattle tails have a length of approx. 25-30cm.


Please always supervise your pets with chews and always provide fresh drinking water to wash it down.


200g = approx 2 - 3 beef tails (not all cows are the same size, its not their fault)

Beef Tails - 200g

Sales Tax Included
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