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The most environmentally sustainable choice in cat food.


Bellfor's Environmental diets use insect protein from Black solider fly which provides a fabulous quality and hypoallergenic protein source for the fluffy rulers of our homes. This diet is completely grain-free allowing for easy digestion and avoiding potential allegy sources. 


  • Nutrient rich black solider fly larvae (BSFL)
  • BSFL production uses only a 10th of the energy required to product animal protein than beef farming.
  • Uses less water, less land, and lower greenhouse gas emmissions than livestock.
  • Insects convert our agricultural waste products into a high quality protein with extremely high and efficient conversion rates. 
  • They require no antibiotics or medicated treatments throughout their lives meaning you have a pure unmedicated protein source.
  • Bellfor's BSFL are bred and processed in the same facility, giving the highest quality rating for the freshness of their protein source.
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (this is very important)
  • "Inulin" natural prebiotics increase the efficiency of the immune system while also maintaining a healthy gut
  • Ideal for food sensitive or picky cats


BSFL are one of the most environmentally sustainable protein sources we can choose but humans unfortunalty are a little more squeamish about what we eat than other animals. So for now we can reduce our planets dependancy on livestock production by replacing our less picky friends proteins with a healthy, hypoallergenic, sustainable choice. 


Message me for a free sample to see how your kitty likes the taste.



Dried insects (black soldier fly) (29%), dried sweet potato (19.7%), peas (17.5%), animal fat, pea protein, brewer's yeast, minerals, dried tomato (2%), dried carrot (1%) , Salmon oil, linseed oil, cranberry (0.2%), inulin (source for FOS).

Bellfor's Complete Cat Food - Environmental 1.2Kg

Sales Tax Included
  • Delivery with 3-5 days of order date. In case of food emergency, please get in contact and we will see what we can arrange. This may incure an additional cost. 

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