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Mixed Box of all Natural Dog Treats: 

Adult Medium:


*Quantities and items may vary  but will always represent the same value.


rabbits ears - 150g
pig snouts - 3 pcs
calf stix - 50g
venison ears - 50g
pigs ears - 1 pcs
chicken feet - 75g
beef tails - 75g
dental treats - 1 x 70g bag
cod cookies - 50g
lamb lung - 50g



For detailed breakdown of ingrediants please see individual treat items if required


Be careful when giving a chew, Make sure you’re not there to monitor your dog so it doesn't become a choking hazard in your absence.

To ensure your dog’s safety, introduce new treats gradually and always have fresh water available.


Treats are shelf stable for one year from purchase.


Dog box Adult Medium

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Doggy Bag
Never Forget Your Pooches Treats again
€34.99every month until canceled
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