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Glenvalley foods are tried and tested formulas with great results. Especially suited to those previously on supermarket brands. Ideal for those looking to switch  from a highstreet generic food to a new and better option with similar value for money. With a short and sweet ingredients list providing all the essential requirements for a happy healthy cat, this is our top choice for you. 


Nothing too fancy, just good food for good cats. 



60% Fish and Chicken (including Freshly Prepared Salmon 26%, Dried Chicken 22%, Chicken Fat 8%, Salmon Oil 2%, Fish Gravy 2%), Maize, Rice (12%) Beet Pulp (4%), Dried Egg, Brewers Yeast, Minerals, Vitamins, Cellulose (0.5%), Salt, Fructooligosaccharides (480mg/kg), Mannanoligosaccharides (120mg/kg)

Glenvalley Salmon for Cats

PriceFrom €19.99
Sales Tax Included
  • Delivery within 3-5 days of order date. In case of food emergency, please get in contact and we will see what we can arrange. This may incure an additional cost. 

  • Cats Weight Grams Per Day
    2-3kg 35-45g
    3-4kg 45-55g
    4-5kg 55-60g
    5kg+ 60g+


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