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Marsavet - Natural worm drops - natural solution for an intestinal environment hostile to worms - suitable for dogs, cats and rodents - 50 ml


How do the Vermal drops from Marsavet work?

Many products against intestinal parasites contain chemical agents. Our Worm drops are a completely natural product. The formula, developed in cooperation with veterinarians, is made from selected raw materials such as coconut oil and pumpkin seed oil and reliably creates an environment in the animal's intestine that is hostile to worms. At the same time, in contrast to conventional preparations, our worm drops are very easy to digest.

You are making the right choice with our Marsavet Vermal drops


  • Natural formula: Our Worm Drops are a natural product. This ensures that there are no undesirable side effects.
  • High acceptance: The carefully balanced composition ensures that the supplementary feed is very well accepted by your pet.
  • Proven effectiveness: The special formula was developed together with veterinarians and other experts. 
  • Uncomplicated application: The drops can be given directly over the food. One bottle contains about 750 drops and lasts up to one year at a weight of 5 kg.
  • No resistance: In contrast to many conventional products, no resistances can develop that impair effectiveness, even with regular administration.


Marsavet Vermal Drops are simply drizzled over the main food. The application should be done daily for three to five days.


Safety advice: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep drops dry, away from heat and out of the reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant animals.

Marsavet - Natural Worm drops 50ml

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