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We all know the classic. The pigs ear. The staple treat for the good doggos of Ireland. 


Here's the difference though. Here at Ecopet we pride ourselves on choosing the best quality products and getting them to our clients at the best prices. The best products to us mean that not only does the quality need to be great but the source needs to be appropriate too. All our pigs ears are super premium and are sourced within Europe so we can be content with the safety and welfare behind what we give our pets.


What we love at Ecopet is sustainability and smart thinking. Natural chews come as by-products of the meat industry. This means that we are making the most of each animal by using every part of it. There are many parts of the body that us as humans dont have much use for, but dogs on the other hand, look at things like feet, ears, trachea etc as delicious nutritious chews.  If we are going to have agriculture lets be smart and efficient about it. Lets use EVERYTHING. 


We even use compostable/recycleable bags to package our natural treats. Please remember to keep plastic bags away from children and animals.


Always supervise your pets with chews and provide fresh drinking water at all times. 



This item is 100% pork (monoprotein), with no added grain or other extenders.

Our pig ears are gluten-free, without chemicals or preservatives.


Ingredients (analysis is subject to natural fluctuations): protein 75.4%, fat 18.7%, ash 3.5%.


200g = Approx 4 Ears (some pigs are gigantic, its almost scary)

Pigs Ears - 200g

Sales Tax Included
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