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These natural Rabbit Ears are a species-appropriate and healthy natural snack for your dog. 

Like all our Natural products, These are regionally sourced.  We do not and will not bulk buy farmed Chinese rabbit as these often come from over crowded, unethical and unhygienic farms.


An enjoyable chew which also acts to help keep your dogs mouth clean and healthy due to the increase in saliva created by chewing and the abrasion against the tooth surface. Chews also helps to reduce anxiety in dogs by triggering the release of endorphins in your dogs body which help to make them feel more calm and relaxed. 


They are suitable for all breeds and we would suggest waiting until your dog is teething (approximately four months old) before giving them rabbit ears, but they can be a wonderfully soothing for sore gums. The rabbit ears with fur are also suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs.


Less smelly and greasy than pigs ears. Recommended to be given as an additional treat throughout the week. Always supervise your dogs with chews. Please make sure fresh drinking water is always accessible to your dog. 


Nature makes the best treaties.

Rabbit Ears Natural 200g

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