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Made in Co. Wicklow


• All natural ingredients

• Prebiotic digestive aid

• Anti-inflammatory microbiome booster


Our Nutritious Meal Topper is formulated to boost the nutritional values of your dog’s normal kibble or wet food diet. High in protein, it’s loaded with macro and micronutrients and contains prebiotic fibre which helps develop and maintain a healthy microbiome. Our versatile topper can be transformed into an isotonic gravy by mixng 1 tbsp. Meal Topper with 3 tbsp. of water


100% Recycleable packaging.


Insect-based, functional dog treats that are great for the planet and great for your dog.




We are the first Irish company to produce insect-based pet products and we are the first company worldwide to produce cricket-based dental sponges and calming chews. To our knowledge, Pup Pup’s Top Pup Prebiotic Microbiome Booster & Nutritional Meal Topper is the first cricket-based nutritional meal topper in any market worldwide.


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